16th International Heat Transfer Conference

Panel sessions

IHTC-16 will host four Panel Discussions on Special Topics of current interest. The purpose is to offer unique opportunities for scientists and engineers to gather together, exchange state-of-the-art knowledge and have open discussions on future developments for a better society. The four panel discussion topics are:

  1. Nanoscale Heat Transfer
  2. Multi-scale Innovative Cooling Technologies for Data Centers
  3. Entransy -- a New Concept in Heat Transfer
  4. Heat/Mass Transfer in Energy Storage

Each panel will be led by five or six leading world experts in the field. Each panel discussion will last two hours and the organizers anticipate that more than 300 participants will attend each of these discussions. The panels will begin with each of the experts making a 10 minute presentation of their views on the topic. The topic will then be opened to the audience to ask questions of these experts for further discussion. These panels will provide a unique platform for wide ranging discussions and interactions between the experts and the participants.